Medical Review

Medical Review

A Winning Combination

Attention to Detail + Medical Expertise = A Winning Combination

Rapid Record Retrieval, dba Medical Review Concepts, is able to provide expedient review of the claimant’s medical records by professional skilled nurses. We also have specialized board certified physicians available to offer medical opinions when necessary. Scrutinizing documents for the information you are looking for, adding to your database, or by custom report.

Our Expertise

  • Legal nurse consultants with combined experience of 55 years in the medical/legal field and combined experience of 140 years in clinical settings
  • Records are bookmarked for easy access and locating medical evidence
  • Strength of the case is assessed with a direct medical correlation to substantiate a claim
  • Immediate feedback if a client file is lacking in proof. We will also include an exact recommendation of records necessary to complete the case.
  • Discrepancy and deficiency resolution
  • Case chronologies for trial preparation
  • Nurse project leaders provide consultative guidance, project oversight, and client support

Our skills come into play at the strategic level providing you with clear and concise reports. We thrive in a fast-pace environment and aim to furnish law firms with a full understanding of their inventory, providing the confidence necessary to win legal battles.

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