Other Services

Other Services

Make Your Job Easier

Rapid Record Retrieval not only provides you with a billable expense but we can help you avoid ethical issues. Our experience includes analysis, matrix development and point systems to guide you through the mass tort process.

Turnkey Services

Combine record ordering, retrieval and medical review for the most timely and comprehensive results. Our turnkey operation will seamlessly take your cases from intake through settlement packet or anywhere in between. To expedite the process, you also have the option of having us contact your clients for incomplete, missing or additional information necessary to prove their case.

Point Allocation Systems

We are prepared to assist in the development of a point allocation system for the injury categories that will allow you to offer fair and uniform compensation to your clients. This will come to you in a spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel), which gives you the opportunity to assign a dollar value and compensation for each plaintiff.

We Can Also Provide:

  • Deposition of Written Questions
  • Subpoena Services
  • Notary Public
  • Central Records Repository
Our services provide you with peace of mind and a billable expense. Let us handle the details.


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